Monday, June 18, 2018

50th Wedding Anniversary!!

Richard and Karolyn celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this month.  They don't look, or act, like they could possibly be old enough to be married for 50 years, but they had documentation to prove it!  We enjoyed looking at old photos and yearbooks, and Karolyn's wedding gown graced one of the walls (and YES, she could definitely have fit into it if she wanted to!).  We had a big crowd, great food, a silly game, and lovely decorations.  We were so happy that Richard's sister and his wife were able to join us, and they gave a lovely toast, as we all raised glasses of champagne spiked with elderberry liquor.  Kelly, Meg, Cheryl and Mary had learned Richard and Karolyn's song (7 Golden Daffodils by The Brothers Four) and sang it in harmony.  Then it was time for gifts, including some 50s (50 team bags, 50 golden Hershey kisses) and some new day lilies (Karolyn loves day lilies and has planted MANY at Elderberry). And THEN we hit the dance floor.  There was some GREAT dancing at this party.  One thing we do really well at Elderberry is play together!  The next day, Karolyn planted the day lilies between their house and Dick and Nancy's house (Dick and Nancy celebrated their 65th anniversary last year) to represent 115 years of married life!

Karolyn and her sister-in-law Marcia

Richard, Marj and Barb.  Doesn't he look spiffy??

Eating great food!

So sweet!


Karolyn showing us her wedding dress

Richard breaking open the champagne 

Some cool photos and a place to write our wishes for them

Bobby Boyle's Mother's Carrot Cake.  Its a long story - come and visit Elderberry and ask!

Dick, Joan, Leslie and Vonda

Awesome food!

Karen, Vonda and Diana

Mike and Betsy joining the food line!

Karolyn, Richard's Sister Marcia, and her hubby Chris

The toast!

More of the toast!

The day lilies we got for them - aptly named

Mary, Kelly, Cheryl and Meg (The Sisters Four!)

Time to dance!!

Marcia and Chris were ROCKIN!

Joan was totally into it!

Stewart's air guitar solo

Mary cutting the cake - great way to top off the night!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Bella Vista Workday

What a gorgeous week of weather!!  Elderberry and Potluck Farm (an adjacent intentional community) co-own a beautiful 12 acres of land we call Bella Vista (for the stunning view). It is about a 15 minute walk from Elderberry through beautiful, flower-filled woods (see the previous blog for our wildflower photos!)  The land was clear-cut before we bought it, so it has many large tree stumps.  In addition, it is basically a high-elevation rock outcropping (high for our area at least) .  These features make it difficult to keep the field mowed and maintain the lovely view.  So, year after year, we have worked at moving rocks, sawing stumps, and building cairns on rocks that we cannot move, so that we don't hit them when we mow with the bush hog.  Today we rented a stump grinder to help with getting rid of the stumps, and we also moved rocks, cleaned up woodpiles, and clipped a lot of blackberry brambles.  We made pretty good progress!

Maggie, Phil, Marj and Dick (and pooches Riley and Ellie) take a break

We have chairs that stay on the hill so that we can come up for a drink at sunset - they also provide a shady place to take a break from the stump and rock work!

Karolyn finds that the walk-behind bush hog makes a decent chair!

Phil with the monster stump grinder!

Karolyn with the walk-behind bush hog

Phil took out about a dozen stumps - no small task, and this equipment is a bear to handle!

Marj clipping away at brambles around the stumps

Maggie - also lopping at the brambles!

We make cairns to mark rocks that we cannot remove to ensure that we don't hit them when we mow

Taking a break in the shade!!!!

Mary and Phil

Lots of equipment!  Stump grinder, tractor and bush hog, and 4-wheeler named Zeke

Marj, Karolyn and Maggie gratefully accept a ride with Zeke rather than walking home after a few hours of hard work!