Sunday, August 23, 2015

Awesome August Weather!

What beautiful weather we are having!  It is unseasonably cool for August in NC, and we always have a breeze on the hilltop where the common house sits.

Today we had a great time working together on many projects... mowing, working on the new blacksmith shop (red barn in the photo), working in the veggie garden, picking up rocks and brush, cleaning the common house and more.  One of our members and one prospective member worked together to make a wonderful lunch for us all.

Progress on the homes continues!  We are signing contracts this week to start construction on the 2 Quads.  Two newly constructed homes (a duplex) will be occupied in the next week.  Two more (owner built) are under construction.  By year -end, all remaining homes will be under construction.  It's a wild time!

In the late afternoon, a handful of us took a hike and marveled at how little water was in the creeks and how many spiderwebs were across the trails!  We have access to miles of lovely trails that are owned by adjacent Potluck Community Farm - a community that celebrated it's 25th anniversary last week.  Happy Birthday Potluck Farm!

As always, we welcome visitors.  Our next meeting is Sunday, Sept 13th.
 Mary and David picking up rocks!
 Diana and Barb in the common house kitchen
 Vonda on the mower!
 The new metal-working shop
 One member moved over his smokehouse - complete with beautiful hand-forged hinges
 The chickens are cleaning the bugs out of a load of dirt!
 Panorama.... from the metal working shop looking across the garden toward the common house
 The little garden shed we plan to fix up
Mary and David moving some mulch - Anne & Jeff's house and Rosemarie's house behind them