Sunday, April 3, 2016

Second Annual Weenie Roast!

We could not have had a more beautiful day today for our second annual Elderberry/Potluck Farm Weenie Roast!  This party was the brain child of Dick, who wanted to have an event at the Love Shack. The Love Shack is a little one room cabin with sleeping loft that is in a beautiful wooded area and accessible by trail from Potluck Farm and Elderberry (and also accessible via Zeke, Dick's 4-wheeler!).  The cabin was built about 20 years ago by a member of Potluck Farm and I'll leave to your imaginations the reason for the name :)  It is now used occasionally as a retreat cabin and party place.

Dick got a fire started early so that by the time everyone arrived the coals were ready for roasting weenies (and organic chicken weenies!) and, of course, S'mores.  There were lots of fixings and side dishes and delicious desserts.  It was a great feast in a lovely setting with brilliant spring-green buds and leaves, and an abundance of spring flowers - bluets, spring beauties and violets -lining the trails to the party site.  Pat, our resident blacksmith, made some stakes for Dick's old horseshoe set, and as it got close to sundown, a handful of folks hiked further, up to Bella Vista (a lovely piece of property owned jointly by Elderberry and Potluck Farm) to watch the sunset.  Awesome day.

 Loretta, Marj, Mike, Rosemarie and Paul filling plates

 Cynthia, Tatjana, Loretta, Marj, Cathy and Mike.  Not a lot of health food on this table!

 Joyce and Gus chatting in front of the love shack

 Joyce, Nancy, Kelly and Jim (and Rosie's rear end)

 Joyce watching Mike's great horseshoe throwing technique

 Joyce and Paul took on Mary and Mike.  Joyce and Paul had to do the defeat dance :)

 Jack and Miles - Mary's son and grandson who live over the river and through the woods...

 Miles wanted to play bocce.  He was hilarious waddling around in his new shoes, which are a little too big yet!

 Pretty place for a horseshoe match!

 Nancy, Meg and Kelly hangin' out
 Dick and Pat (Dick is happier than he looks!)

 Marj, Joan, Tatjana and Pam

 Miles is getting a ride home in Zeke (Dick's 4 wheeler)
 Joyce watching the sunset at Bella Vista

Sunset.  Ahhhhhhhh
Lovely day.