Monday, November 5, 2018

Job Fair, Game Day and Kebobs!

We had a fun-filled afternoon at Elderberry today!  We hosted a "Job Fair" - which was a actually a big party where each of our committees put together "booths" to show what the committee does, and, where needed, to recruit for new members.  For the first hour of the fair, we all walked around to the booths (many of which had fun things to do like quizes, games and tours) and for each booth we visited, we earned a raffle ticket.  At the end of the fair we raffled off a gift card to a favorite local restaurant, and Lucy won!

After everyone had a chance to visit the booths, the fair turned into a game day.  Stewart and Karen were the game masters.  They supplied popcorn and caramel apples, and they set up croquet, table shuffleboard, outdoor Yahtzee and Jenga, and corn hole.  It was a little too windy to put up the badminton net, but the day was perfect otherwise - sunny and cool with the backdrop of fall colors.

After a couple hours of games, Richard started up the grills and we cooked kebobs for dinner.  The event was a great success!

Mike created a display for the Art Committee in our central circle

Joan, who always brings beautiful food, is chairperson of the Hive committee.  
We call our common house the Hive, because it is a beehive of activity.  And she definitely played up the beehive theme!!

Joyce and Karen checking out the Gardening Committee's "booth"
Marj, Joyce and Mary made a new version of our trail map.  We blew it up to put on the wall, and surrounded it with photos of the wildflowers that grow in our woods (along with a label for each that has the common name, scientific name, where to find it in our woods, and when it blooms.

The Infrastructure Committee did a little experiement.... they gathered a sheet of the toilet paper that various homes use and put them in baggies in water to show which brands break down best.  They also provided good info on the Do's and Don't of septic systems, and gave an extra raffle ticket to those who took the septic tour (to learn more about our septic system and drainfield)

We need are recruiting for a chairperson for our Grounds Committee!  For the job fair, Richard and Richard set up a little display and gave an extra raffle ticket to two people who worked together to figure out what the mystery part was.  I still don't know what it is - a mower part maybe?  

Lucy leading Mike, Meg, Barb, Chuck, Diana and Marj on a septic tour

Marj, Barb and Chuck playing table shuffleboard

Joan and Vonda playing Jenga - it's toppling!

The booth for the Work Coordinating Committee shows how all our committees are grouped, and how we organize work.  We do most of the work of the community ourselves, but we hire out mowing, and we may find, depending on how successful our recruiting efforts were at the fair, that we have to hire out a few more things!

Diana is visiting Dave's Internal Website booth, where he gave people a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes work to keep our website and our contact database updated. 

Barb and Chuck enjoying popcorn at the fair - beautiful day to sit on a swing and relax!

Joyce concentrating on getting one more block out of the Jenga tower!

There were lots of corn hole matches!  Richard and Vonda were competing in this one.

Stewart lost the Jenga game when the top of the tower toppled, so he used a little hip action to topple the rest!

Dick, Marj and Nancy enjoying the day
Barb and Chuck try their hand at croquet

Joyce had great form in tossing the Yahtzee dice!

Meg and Rosemarie enjoying the swing

Miles, one of the Elderberry grandkids, checks out the croquet game

Evey, Miles' little sister, learns about corn hole

Time for grilling!  Richard, Chuck and Stewart getting things smokin'