Sunday, October 11, 2015

Beautiful Fall Workday!!

Today we had a workday and the weather was PERFECT (lots of photos below - check them out!!!).  The trees are just starting to turn and it's lovely. I'm not sure I can even properly list all the things that were done at the workday - so many!  But they included building a new path to the newest homes, picking horse poop off the pasture for the garden, cleaning out the old log house to begin renovation, filling a truck for a trip to the dump, digging holes for fig trees, relocating some Crepe Myrtle trees, cleaning up in the parking circle and lots of other things!!  In addition, we had a business meeting, and then we had an omelette party to celebrate our first egg, which one of our chickens laid one year ago. Rosemarie (our chicken lady!) had saved up about 50 eggs for our party.  We had loads of choices for the omelette - we each went down the row to choose our toppings and them gave them to a cook who made an omelette with our chosen toppings.  Delicious!  Rosemarie thinks we should do an omelette night more than once a year.  

We were delayed on the staring of our next 4 homes due to getting 17" of rain over 12 days!!!  Wild, and unheard of for sunny NC!  But the weather is perfect this week - sunny and 70s - so we should see work begin on 8 homes in the next couple of weeks.  Our biggest challenge today was working out where the builders will be staging building materials for 8 homes (plus two more starting in about 6 weeks)!  But we'll figure it out.

For anyone interested in learning more about our community, we have a great event coming up on Oct 24th.  It's a Halloween Jamboree, complete with band, pig pickin', hayride, bonfire, S'mores, pumpkin carving, cider making and wonderful friends and neighbors.  It is hosted by Potluck Community Farm (our sister community - adjacent to Elderberry) and interested families are most welcome.  For more information, send a note to us via the website.

OH - forgot to mention that last week, two brave (not sure that's the right adjective) members decided to relocate a little garden shed.  A couple of the photos below give light to their adventure!

Happy Fall!!!

 Crazy guys moving a biggish shed with a littlish trailer!
 View from the East front field (someday to be gardens, greenhouse and solar)
 The Log House - the original log cabin build on this property.  We plan to begin restoring it this year.  Cleaning it out today~
 Karolyn, Barb and Vonda putting up fencing to prevent trucks (construction contractors) from driving onto our front lawn
 Cynthia and Meg moving horse poop for the garden
 Joyce, Vonda and Barb - aren't they just so sweet???
 View of one of the chicken coops and on of the gardens
 Our newest duplex - welcome Mara and Joan!!!  (Joan is renting from Joyce - thanks for designing such a lovely home Joyce!!)
 Jeff and Anne's home.  Lovely flowers!!
 One of our little log barns.... on the list for renovation, but maybe not this year!
 Vonda, Joyce ad Pam in front of the old log house
 Prettiest parking lot ever!
 Welcome to Elderberry!
 I think Joyce is going to attack Vonda.... maybe this path is not level and Joyce has just HAD IT!
 Restful porch at Joan's
 RILEY on the restful porch at Joan's (not her house, but she is making herself at home!)
 Working on creating a new path - common house in the background
 Anne and Jeff - American Gothic (except Jeff was not supposed to be smiling.... I guess he can't help himself)

 Karolyn in the dirt!
 Joyce, Meg, Vonda, Barb and Kelly working on the path.   Women rock!  Where are the guys????
 Mary moving dirt and gravel to the path.  We love this tractor!
 Kelly - completed a hole for a fig tree - yea!!!
 Mike and Barb... pathwork
 Barb and Mike again - mattocks are great tools!
 Jeff ad Rosemarie (Rosemarie is our landscape queen!)
 I really have no idea what is going on here (but then, I am writing this after an omelette party and too much of Jeff's wine (he did tell me to finish the bottle!)
 Pat.  What more can I say??
 Karolyn.... I roped her into helping cook today, and then left her to do all the work (with other kind volunteers) because I could not drag myself away from the tractor!
Pam  - thank you for helping with dinner!!!!