Wednesday, December 16, 2020

For all of this, we are grateful.

With all the limitations and change this past year has presented, we might be forgiven for losing sight of so much we still cherish.

As Elderberry approached the holidays, knowing our usual calendar of parties and gatherings would be missed, it seemed a perfect time to find other ways to remind ourselves of all we have to be grateful for.

So a plastic box holding strips of bright colored paper and several permanent markers was installed on the cabin porch, and the berries began recording their thoughts.

From these, a beautiful chain of gratitude was created, for all to see, read and reflect upon. 

We touched many themes! Food, of course. Our community, love, family and friends. Our companion animals. Life surrounded by the beauty of nature. Our spiritual paths. Awareness of political and social change. And of course a few random offerings!

Starting with food, of course:

Peanut butter fudge (recently prepared by Mary for the community to celebrate national fudge day)

Good food (we do miss our regular potluck dinners)

Eggplant and sweet potatoes (sweet potatoes were mentioned twice, due in part to a great harvest by the garden goddesses)

Craft beer

Snickers candy bars (written with gratitude to Mary Kay for this year’s Halloween candy bowl in the Hive)

Our community, love, family and friends:

All the “berries” were mentioned by name, including Dick (who passed away earlier this year) and Miles, our six year old neighbor! Our former members were also remembered.

Our goodnight tradition

Someone with whom I share the journey

Laughter with friends

This community 

My sister

Volunteers of the community

Great parents


Dear friends

The love shown to me

My family 

Our companion animals: 

Lucy dog

Cats (I might add several who like to make zoom appearances)

All the love from community dogs

Four-legged berries

All the Elderberry dogs and cats, past and present

My four-legged friends

The beauty of nature: 

Our evening sky (yes, the sky plays a big part in our lives, day or night) 

Night sky & stars

Night stars (another drawing - our artists have been busy)

Winter stars

Rainbows (no words, simply a drawing in color!)

Butterflies (another lovely drawing and tribute to Jacquie, our Monarch mother)

Woods & trails

Zinnias (with drawing) 

Zinnias (mentioned again, this was clearly a banner year, with color everywhere)

Early morning walks when no-one is around or up yet 

Water sounds over rocks (some of us like to hike in silence to hear the woods)

Stillness in woods

Yellow bellied sapsuckers

Bird songs in the garden (some of us bird “by ear”)





Our spiritual paths: 

Human kindness

Any open heart/my open heart

All the combinations of random events that have favored me

God’s blessings

The examples set by others that challenge me

My guides



All the times my mis-steps have not been fatal

Good luck


My health (mentioned twice) 

Awareness of political and social change: 


Joe Biden

Women’s movement

Our new president

America, a second chance

Trump lost

And a few random ones! 


For worms to help the trees grow (contribution from Miles!)


Finding lost tools (this is a funny story — I’ll tell you in person if you ask)

Bug repellent!