Friday, August 24, 2018

Baby Face.. You've Got The Cutest Little Baby Face

Kelly recently had a brainstorm for a fun event, and made it happen!!  She asked everyone to put a picture of themselves when they were young into her cubby. They she planned an event when we all got together to try to guess who was who!  It was so fun to see these photos!  Cheryl was an amazing guesser - I think she got all but one correct (but then, Cheryl seems to win at everything!).  Two of our satellite members (satellite members are people who live near Elderberry and participate with us) snuck their photos into Kelly's cubby so there were two photos more photos than names, but somehow people guessed that they did that from their photos!  I thought people might not guess my photo, but they know my grandson (who lives next door) and I guess I look a lot like him!

Our next fun event will be a "Job Fair" and anyone reading this blog is invited!!  It will be Sunday, Sept 23rd from 2-5pm.  Our goal (besides just having fun) is to learn about what all of our committees do, and recruit people to join those that need more helpers.  We will have "booths" for each committee, and will also have kabobs on the grill and outdoor games.  Watch our newsletter and Facebook page for more information!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Leslie's Send-Off

Sadly, Leslie decided to leave Elderberry and go to live near her family due to health reasons.  So we had a send-off party for her, and she chose a Mexican theme.  It was a great celebration of what she has brought to our community in the time she has been here - leadership of our re-built pedway, lighting system, work on our trail system, and mostly her great common sense and poise in approaching everything.  We will miss her!  And the celebration?  Well, Berries know how to party.  Check it out!

Learning the Mexican Hat Dance (actually, we didn't learn it at all - but we tried!)
Linda with the broken pinata - filled with practical things!

Picking up all the goodies from the pinata!

A margarita toast to Leslie!!

Mary and Mindy doing the Mexican Hat Dance (sort of)

Carl - well outfitted for this party!

Great Mexican food - of course

We all had red, yellow or green bandanas

Dick - being Dick

Nancy, Meg and Dick