Sunday, August 19, 2018

Leslie's Send-Off

Sadly, Leslie decided to leave Elderberry and go to live near her family due to health reasons.  So we had a send-off party for her, and she chose a Mexican theme.  It was a great celebration of what she has brought to our community in the time she has been here - leadership of our re-built pedway, lighting system, work on our trail system, and mostly her great common sense and poise in approaching everything.  We will miss her!  And the celebration?  Well, Berries know how to party.  Check it out!

Learning the Mexican Hat Dance (actually, we didn't learn it at all - but we tried!)
Linda with the broken pinata - filled with practical things!

Picking up all the goodies from the pinata!

A margarita toast to Leslie!!

Mary and Mindy doing the Mexican Hat Dance (sort of)

Carl - well outfitted for this party!

Great Mexican food - of course

We all had red, yellow or green bandanas

Dick - being Dick

Nancy, Meg and Dick

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