Sunday, July 22, 2018

Annual Talent Show!

We recently had our annual talent show at the common house - always a blast.  It was a smaller crowd than usual, but every bit as much talent! We had readings, songs, instrumentals, poetry, an art demo and much more!  And, of course, a potluck meal following the show.
Lucy - being our Emcee!!!!

A subset of the group that meets twice monthly for music night.  They sang three songs - one with video back-up!

Joyce is a talented artist, and she taught us a few techniques with a few different models - so cool!

Kelly has a beautiful voice, but for this performance she focused on her awesome guitar skills

Marj told a very warm and funny story about distributing her mother's ashes all across the US

Phil usually reads an essay from one of his books of essays - a talented writer.  He even taught essay writing at the Duke continuing education program

Jim is also a very talented writer.  After many years of dedicated research he is just finishing a book about the Outer Banks. He read some from the book, and it was wonderful!

Vonda is a poet and usually shares with us some of her poetry.  I love one of her poems so much that it has been on my fridge for year.  I'll put it at the end of this entry!

Oh My God.  How many people in their 60s can still do a cartwheel???  Well, Joan can!  Yes, this is talent, but it's also about being in great shape.  She also summited Kilimanjaro this past year!

Mary and her kids sang the ABC song, but they were a little shy, so the whole group sang it together to encourage them!

Michael entertained us with Summertime on his trumpet - both playing and singing (but not at the same time :))
Jim is a lover of poetry - especially Mary Oliver - and loves to share his favorites

The post-show potluck was delicious!!

There is never a lack of good food in this community!

On the way home from the talent show I couldn't resist taking a couple of photos of the pond on this beautiful day!

The pond, gazebo and raft are at Potluck Farm (adjacent to Elderberry) and available to all for swimming, fishing or just hanging out in a beautiful place.

One of my favorite poems of Vonda's.......


When the thrilling news came
That I am nothing
But a tiny speck
On a larger speck
Flung around
On the spinning arm
Of a minor galaxy
In the ever expanding universe,
I finally understood
The fleeting illusion
Of accomplishment,
That it is not my job
To save the world,
But instead
To remember my place in it,
To experience its aliveness everywhere,
To do it no harm,
To love and revere it,
And to invite its beauty to live within me.

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