Monday, March 19, 2018

Sásta Lá Fhéile Pádraig (Happy St Patrick's Day!)

One thing we do very well at Elderberry is celebrate holidays!  For St Patricks' Day this week we had a party with our sister community Potluck Farm.  We turned the common house green with decorations, and there was all manner of green and Irish food.  We learned about the Irish heritage of our members (not a lot!), and enjoyed some Irish music and even a little singing.  And we're very happy to also be celebrating La Fheile Bride, or the coming of spring!!

Cheryl and Karolyn had the common house decked out early in the day

Mike and Cheryl were definitely the best dressed of the partygoers

Gus, Rosemarie and Meg (in the foreground, check out Meg's colcannon - yum!)

We had a "help draw the leprechaun white board - I think he started with only the hat!
Joan adding some leprechaun parts

Checking out all of the food!

There were green salads, 2 shepherds pies, colcannon, a salmon dish with greens, Irish pork stew and much, much more!

The most interesting of the foods was the leprechaun pizza - pesto with corned beef and cabbage!!!
Eating at a very green table

Kelly, Dale and Karen..... and the all-important bottle of Guinness!

Mike was the only one to brave drinking green beer!!

Everyone enjoying watching Kelly as she leads us in Irish song

We all (sort of ) sang Oh Danny Boy!  Thanks Kelly!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Garden Tour - Almost Spring!!

Although most gardens are pretty dormant in Feb and early March, the Elderberry gardens are still producing a lot of green food!  Today the gardeners gave a tour to some of our newer members, showing off beautiful kale, tasting broccoli, examining the sprouting garlic and talking about plans for the 2018 gardens.  At Elderberry there are 4 very large garden areas.  Three of these are managed by the garden group, and one area is set aside for individual beds for those who want a bed or two but don't want to work the big gardens. 

It was a lovely day to tour the gardens - sunny and cool.  In addition to the beauty of the gardens, this week our 150 acres of woods and trails were alive with trout lillies, spring beauties, bloodroot and trillium.  Spring is on the way!

Gardeners Vonda, Dave, Leslie and Karolyn show off the east garden to our newest members, Stewart, Karen and Linda