Tuesday, April 11, 2023

And the Winner is...

On Mon, April 3 2023 12:18:35 PM, Keith Lawrence wrote:

Subject: And we have a Winner!

We have a Winner! And this winner is kind and funny who likes to dance, garden, read, sew and lose at pinochle (OK, maybe not so much the last one.) All hail Joyce — and her home-state UConn Huskies — for winning this year’s riveting Mulch Madness.

So the obvious question that remains is how will the suddenly sports-obsessed Elderberry community fill the void for another year. Well, this week is the Masters; we could have everyone pick a name of a golfer out of a bucket hat. The winner could receive some hideous plaid golf shorts. The possibilities are endless!

Thanks to all three of you who have followed along. It's been a fun ride, and we are already looking forward to MM24.