Friday, September 17, 2010

County Commissioners approved site plan!

For those interested in Elderberry we've recently had good news - the County Commissioners have approved our site plan so we are nearing a point where we can begin construction. In the coming months we will be drilling a well, finalizing the design of the common house and beginning to design the homes. We welcome input!


  1. What kind of houses are you planning to build? Can someone use their own house design?

  2. Hello! We are planning to build single story or 1.5 story universal design homes - 700-1200 ft2. We are currently exploring designs so individuals who join now can have a lot of input into the designs. There will be 3 duplexes and 3 quads, so the only way to really design your own home would be to design a duplex (or use your design times two) with another person or couple. That can be done!