Friday, June 5, 2015


The national co-housing conference was so great!  We had a bus load of folks at Elderberry for a tour - mostly people who are also starting their own communities and wanting to learn.  Our members worked long and hard to make the common house beautiful and inviting (including sewing new tablecloths!).  Several of us attended the conference sessions and learned a lot.... more ideas for aging in community, ideas for common house meals, financing, improving decision-making and sociocracy.  We'll be exploring all these new ideas to see what we want to apply to our own community.

Our gardens are looking great and our chickens have become free range!  Progress continues on the 4 newest homes, including a lovely timber frame house that is going up as I write.  We will be building the last few homes and selling them (rather than selling lots) so for those of you who may have been unwilling to go through the process of buying a lot, designing a house, choosing a builder and getting a construction loan, check in with us to see what the new houses for sale will be like.  The homes we are building this year will be available for occupancy around mid 2016.  Come and check us out!

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