Monday, January 25, 2016

Solstice (a little late!)

Every year, Vonda Frantz hosts a solstice celebration at her and Cecil's home.  She, with other planners, creates a huge, multi-course menu, buys all the ingredients, and invites everyone over to cook.  For the first time this year the event was held at the new Common House (which we call the Hive, for "beehive of activity").  Cooking starts around 7pm and dessert usually happens around 2am!  We used to try to stay up all night, but I think we're all getting too old for that!  Everyone is encouraged to bring activities to do throughout the evening and there is always a big bonfire.
 Lots of cooks in the kitchen!

Mary wiping beer off the ceiling - don't ask...
 Cecil - the fire tender
 Pam, Jan and Vonda fire-gazing
 Glaeshia and Jim
Jan, Phil and Marj

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