Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Winter Workday

It has been unseasonably cold in February.... and unseasonably warm!  We've had a few nights in the teens and a few days where the temps stayed below freezing.  We have also had lovely days in the mid 60s.  On Sunday, our workday was a cold one. Then we got snow on Monday, rain Monday night and temps in the 60's and sunshine Tuesday (today)! Anyway, most of the time our winters are lovely - temps around 50 and lots of sunshine.

On Sunday we had a lot of activity!  We replaced part of a deck, had a solar committee meeting, had a hot cider happy hour at our new bridge, held our monthly meeting and shared dinner together.  We also enjoyed having a very lovely visitor, Cheryl Day, who decided to join as an associate member.

 Dave, Dick, Pat and Richard working to replace a piece of the common house deck that had to be removed for some electrical upgrading.  It required a good bit of digging into frozen ground!

 Planning how to move the deck section with the tractor

 Actually moving the deck section...

..... and setting it in place.
 They did an amazing job!
 Richard and Pat figuring out where to lower the section

 Karolyn, Rosemarie and Mary jumped in to help lift and position the section (and Riley the dog tried to help but she's not very strong :)).  Karolyn and Joyce (and maybe others but I was indoors by then!) screwed all the deck boards back down.  So now we have our deck permanently in place so the Art committee can put up the screen that hides the electrical boxes and the Landscape committee can fix the little garden that was torn up by the project.  Progress!

 The solar committee met with the buildout committee and talked about all of the places we plan to put solar panels, including in this field, in the parking area, and on the roofs of south-facing homes.  We hope someday to generate all of our own power.  Above are Mike, Dave, Cecil, Pam, Mary and Rosemarie.

 In the afternoon we met at the newly built bridge over a creek that the Potluck kids always called The Impossible Stream (because it was impossible to cross without getting your feet wet).  Well, now it's possible!  We had hot cider and did a little dancing on the bridge!  Above, Mike, Cynthia, Marj, Meg and Dick.

 Rosemarie, Joyce and Joan join the party!

 A cider toast!
 Maggie and Joyce
 Cynthia, Marj, Dick, Maggie and Mike enjoying cider

 We had a good bit of rain last night.... here's a photo of the creek from the bridge - a perspective we couldn't get before!

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