Sunday, May 22, 2016

Spring..... Time for Gardening and Lawn Party

Last spring we had our first lawn party and had so much fun that we decided to make it an annual event.  This year's activities included croquet (multiple matches), badminton (a bit windy, but fun), corn hole (borrowed from a neighbor - we need to make our own set!), tabletop shuffleboard (cool board made by Mike),  and bocce (played with only by baby Miles).  Dick has a horseshoe set and Pat (our blacksmith) made some new stakes for it, but we'd had so much rain over the past week that we figured it would end up being two nice mud pits!  Instead we plan to find a permanent spot for the horseshoes - we need to start building our playground!

Before the lawn party, the garden committee took advantage of the great weather to get some work done.  The garden is looking amazing!

 Rosemarie - great gardener and our chicken queen!

 Lush and bountiful

 Dave in the rows and the blacksmith shop in the background

Croquet Crazies Carl, Marj, Paul, Joyce and Mickey!
 Mike and Mickey at the shuffleboard table

 Mary's daughter and daughter-in-law in a game of corn hole.  Miles is checking out the chickens in the background.
 Miles stealing the bocce ball target - the little rascal!

 Mary and her son Jack on opposing corn hole teams

 Barb and Marj looking very springy!

 Hannah, Joyce, Jack and Paul working out some croquet strategy.  New homes in the background have not yet been painted, but on track to be complete in July (one available for sale or rent!)

 This was a turning point in this match - Hannah had completed the round and was poison, and Jack sent her through a wicket, requiring her to start the round over.  Cut throat!

 Meg, Carl, Ed and Ayla battling the wind in badminton

 Another corn hole match!  Kelly, Pat, Carl, Meg and Ayla

 Carl taking aim.....

 Paul, Mickey, Marj and Carl..... and Joyce taking the shot!

 Kate and Hannah - what form!

 In the common house - Pam, Bard, Ed and Abigail taking a break from the games

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