Monday, July 11, 2016

Tapas and Sangria

Today was a workday, meeting and meal together.  One of our members suggested tapas and sangria for the hot July meal, and it was delicious.  Not too hot either!  It was very pleasant for a mid-July workday and since we are at a high elevation for the area, we almost always have a nice breeze.  We did a lot of mowing and some gardening and work on the laundry room.  We had three visitors today, and we really enjoyed our time with Patty, Leslie and Lucy.  I was mowing a lot of the day so didn't get photos of everyone our working and gardening - we need a full-time photographer!

The back row of homes  - nearing completion!

A great place to relax in the central common area - but I didn't see anyone relaxing today!

Hanging out together for lunch

Chickens also like hanging out together

Post-sangria conversation!

Central circle on a lovely afternoon

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