Monday, November 14, 2016

Fall Activities

We had our first killing frost on Saturday night and woke to a lovely, frosted world Sunday morning.  Sunday was a scheduled workday, and we were prepared for a cold day, but after sharing a tasty breakfast together (thank you Richard!) the weather warmed up quickly and it was a perfect day.  We have lots of ongoing activities at the site, including some fall landscaping and creation of an artsy fence to hide an electrical system on the north boundary of the property.  In addition, we had people weeding and mowing and splitting firewood and a few other tasks.  This month we also had a new roof put on our little log cabin, and Dave pulled LOADS of different varieties of sweet potatoes out of the garden.

Dave has an ingenious way of curing his sweet potatoes.... he puts them in his bathroom with a crock pot full of water to give them the right temperature and humidity to sweeten.  The only problem is getting in and our of the shower....
Karolyn weeding!  She and Richard moved in this month (YEA!!)

Kelly, Leslie, Meg, Mickey and Anna .... and a shrinking pile of mulch

 Dick has split up an impressive pile of firewood!

Nancy, Dick, Cheryl, Anne, Mike, Richard, Rosemarie at our Sunday evening potluck

Richard, Mikey and Dick dig the holes for posts that will support a cool fence to hide this electrical system.  Our electricity is shared (we each pay based on house size), which saves us almost $7,000 per year - and we don't have to have meters on individual homes (but we do have these larger systems that we try to hide because they are pretty ugly!)

Our woods provide some delicious wild mushrooms.  The most common is the chanterelle and it was a great year for those! But on Cathy's birthday, she found a lion's mane mushroom - our favorite and quite rare.  And quite huge!  Kate is checking it out - many people have never seen one.

A view of the common house - lovely fall day

Sunset at Bella vista over the weekend.

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