Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Projects and Mardi Gras!

We've had several projects ongoing over the past weeks.  The gardeners have been super busy planting, we have been doing some site clean-up, our dog park has been fenced and is in use, and the trail committee has been building a bridge over a wet spot on the trail to Bella Vista (a lovely overlook where we often meet to watch the sunset and have a drink).

Over the weekend we also had a Mardi Gras party, complete with lively music, king cake (yes, with baby) and many other traditional dishes (3 dishes with andouille!).  Yesterday (the real Mardi Gras), Mikey was in the parade in Durham, and several of us went to enjoy the parade and dance to two great bands at the Blue Note Grill.

We have a busy couple of months coming up in terms of fun events.... a lawn party and a St Paddy's Day dinner in March; and a weenie roast and an egg decorating party in April.  Something about this unseasonably warm weather just inspires people to jump up and play!

Richard working on his chain saw at the workday

Mary moving stumps and rocks as part of site clean-up.  YEA tractor!!
Leslie and Rosemarie doing site cleanup

Mickey - can you really lift those rocks??
Mike working on the dog park (the dogs were all very happy!!)
Richard, Jack and Paul at the Mardi Gras party

Joyce - now THAT is a scary Mardi Gras mask!!

Jeff hanging out at Mardi Gras - in the background, little Even and Miles are enjoying the party too! 

Marj, Mary and Dick clean up a tree they cut to provide logs for the bridge.  Dave will use the smaller logs for mushrooms, so the whole tree will be put to good use!

Leslie, Dick, Marj and Joan moving the log into place across the culvert

Mary trimming the log so that the cross boards lie flat (well, mostly flat!)

Leslie drilling holes for long screws!  

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