Monday, December 10, 2018

Winter Storm!

Our area was hit with a big storm this weekend.  We got 12-14" of snow here at Elderberry - the most snow in 18 years!  We lost power on and off (and on and off and on and off) Saturday afternoon, and then lost it completely in the evening until 1am.  The good news is that we just got a new generator, so all homes had water, and the common house had electricity.  We cranked up the common house wood stove, played games in the afternoon, and had a potluck for dinner. 

It's so beautiful here!  The woods and streams are lovely to see, and we had some fun this morning sledding.  It's melting now, but we are planning one more sledding day tomorrow when the temps are again closer to freezing, and a few of us might make a snowsomething this afternoon or tomorrow if the snow is not too slushy.  Watch this space!

Trees bending in the snow on Elderberry Lane (and Riley, trying to walk in foot-deep snow).  People with smaller dogs had to carry them around!

The streams are beautiful on snowy days

Jim, Mary and Jack (Cathy took the photo!)
Sledders on the hill

Rosie and Riley greet Mary at the bottom of the hill

Jim managed to do 360s on his way down!

Mary on a speed run (why is that photo not blurry?)

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