Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Annual Talent Show!

Our Annual Talent Show was held this past weekend, and what fun we had!  We started with a potluck at noon and had so many attendees (about 40) that we had to dig up extra chairs!  We had 17 acts - that was record-breaking.  Margery was our MC for the afternoon and guided us along gracefully.  Michael started us off with group percussion and a welcome chant, and Margery got us all dancing. We were treated to songs, poems, stories, games and more!

Full House!

The pre-show potluck - great food
Vonda, Dale and Lorri coming in for the potluck

Phil and Ellen, signing up on the show board

Jim sharing a poem - The Road Less Traveled - by heart yet!

Stewart and Ross singing Fields of Athenry

Becky sharing an excerpt from her novel -
She left us in suspense!

Ross shared two songs that he wrote

Margery shared some of her talents with paper and glue

Phil and Ellen both shared essays - they are both master essay writers!

Jack taught us a lot about Rubik's Cube
(and solved it, but not as quickly as he expected to!)
Jack did a funny poem, and a sweet song to his kids
(who pestered him while singing)

Jim read an excerpt from his newest non-fiction
book about the history of the Outer Banks

I had to put in several photos of the Common Gardeners, who sang
Diggin Dock Until My Dying Day (to Otis Redding's  Sittin on the Dock of the Bay)
and I Want to Dig By Hand (to the Beatles  I Want to Hold Your Hand)
This was amazing and hilarious!

Vonda shared that her and Cecil's talents were in the house they just completed
at Elderberry!!  It is a work of art, and they got the occupancy permit this week.
Vonda brought champagne for everyone to help celebrate, and gave house tours

Stewart did a beautiful rendition of Moon River

Karen share some inspiring thoughts from a performance she and
Stewart recently attended

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