Sunday, July 14, 2019

80th Birthday Party

One of our founding members, Vonda, turned 80 this week.  No one here actually believes that she is 80, and she has not produced a birth certificate, but we had a party for her anyway.  She is an amazing, energized, creative, fun, wild, loving, patient, unstoppable woman.  The party was a surprise, and she was actually surprised!

We played Pin the Tail on the Democratic Donkey  - each of the tails had the picture of a Democratic candidate!

Stewart came very close to that donkey's butt!

Stewart, Mike and Glaeshia checking out donkey tail placement

Joyce and Chuck enjoying the appetizers.  Karolyn and Karen did the decorations (while Vonda was oblivious in the adjacent room) and they choose a kid's birthday party theme, complete with balloons, crepe paper, party hats, noisemakers and poppers. 

Jan, Vonda and Marj checking out the Democratic candidate tails

Mike and Vonda  at dinner.  Over the meal, many people read poems and limericks that they had written for Vonda.

Cecil and Joyce enjoying the little cups of mints and nuts

For the kids party theme, Karolyn somehow found neapolitan ice cream.  She made us all take strawberry with our chocolate and vanilla.  She and Anne had a pretty slippery time getting it sliced!

There were two carrot cakes (Vonda's favorite).  

We didn't make her blow out 80 candles

Mike, Karen, Joyce, Karolyn and Anne serving up the desserts

Karolyn, Mike, Michael, Richard, Stewart and Jim lining up for cake and ice cream

After dinner we played reverse charades (many actors and one guesser for each team). 5 different teams tried to act out things that Vonda has done in her life.  You'll see from the photos that she has done some pretty crazy things!  This one was riding in a submarine

Karolyn, Cathy, Vonda and Marj - I have no idea what they were acting out here!

I put this one in just because I loved Jan's hair!!

Joan, Barb, Lorna and Linda trying to figure out what to do

Joan, Barb, Linda and Phil reading (with confusion) what they are supposed to act out

Does this look like a prairie dog town to you?

Maggie, Joan, Lucy and Ross trying to be iguanas

Glaeshia, Karen, Jim and Stewart checking out their clue

There was a lot of great Moose acting here

We don't have photos of one of the crazier ones.... Vonda getting run over by a donkey!  And somehow, one of the teams was able to act out that Vonda yelled at a cop in Mexico that she wasn't going to give him money and he actually went away after she screamed "No pago nada!!!"  This lady has had quite a life..... and she's still so young!!

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