Saturday, October 12, 2019

Lovely Oct Workday!

At Elderberry, we have workdays twice a month, and today was a beautiful day to be working around the community.  We had a visitor here - Tim - and he is a skilled person, so we put him to work on a job that requires skill!  Over the past year, we added a stairway to access the 2nd floor of one of our old barns, and a safety railing was needed.  So three of the gents worked together on that.  We also repaired a board on the old log cabin, did some final painting on the mailbox structure, did some weeding and landscaping work, and cleaned in the Hive (our common house).  Very productive day!!!

Ross and Mike gathering tools

Lucy, Jeff and Anne - and weeds!

Joyce was a weeding machine today (with a seriously evil tool!)

Ross led the effort to replace a board on the log cabin

All the barn doors open today!!

Tim working on the safety railing for the barn stairwell

Nancy was sorting rocks for Mary's latest art project

Meg - finding a way to contribute even with her knee problem!

The crew that working on cleaning up the Hive today

Linda, Karolyn and Jon all helped with finishing the painting of Elderberry Station (our mailbox/golf cart/bike structure)

Jon has the courage to paint in a white shirt!!

Mike on the newly accessible second floor of the barn

Tim, Ross and Mike - they finished the safety railing - yea!!!

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