Sunday, April 12, 2020

Mask Maker Mask Maker Make Me a Mask

On the day that Americans were advised to begin wearing cloth masks in public, a team at Elderberry launched into mask-making mode.  We put out a call for fabrics, machines, elastic (the hardest thing to find!) and helpers. Over the course of about a week, we made over 60 masks, which have gone to our residents, neighbors, families and friends.  It was a great team effort!!

Linda at her machine - she put in a TON of hours!

Vonda and Mike teamed up - Vonda sewed initial squares and Mike turned and pressed them

Mary Kay was also a turner/presser! 

Mary did a little of everything, until the end of the process when we all fell into assembly-line mode

Mike was our team leader.  He sent out calls for supplies, cut all of the masks,
created great color schemes, figured out and made all of the little nose wires,
and found alternatives to elastic.  One thing he could not get the hang of was making the little pleats - he gave up!!!!!!!!!
Some of the finished products!!!  Almost 70 in total.  Great effort!!!

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