Wednesday, March 31, 2021

National Cohousing Open House Saturday April 24th 2 to 4 pm

How long has it been since you were invited to an Open House when you didn't see 'in-person' and certainly not 'virtual'?

On April 24, you’re invited (in person!) to join Elderberry and seven other cohousing communities in this area of North Carolina. When you visit we’ll introduce you to our members and show you what it’s like to live in our particular community.

What will you see at Elderberry?

You will visit our Common House, the central hub of our community, and stroll around our eighteen townhomes.

You can visit the gardens and woodshop, walk the trails, and sit on the cabin porch – talking with the men and women who live here.

With sustainably-built homes and buildings, our community values being energy conscious

And by visiting the other cohousing communities in this area, you will have a unique opportunity to see how they differ.

Compared to other communities...

Elderberry is the most rural — 

out under the stars and surrounded by woods. But though we’re country, we’re connected by an easy and scenic drive to all the attractions of Durham and Raleigh.

Elderberry has the fewest homes —

at 18 homes clustered in duplexes and quadraplexes, we are a close-knit community who work, play and talk together with ease.

Elderberry has the largest acreage to enjoy — 

we have 10 acres of our own for recreation and gardens, but we share well over 100 acres of woodland trails with our sister community Potluck Farms next door.

Elderberry is totally self-developed and governed —

and we enjoy working on a variety of projects and doing most of the maintenance ourselves at our twice-monthly work days.

What do you have to do?

Let us know if you’d like to come on Saturday, April 24 between 2 and 4.*

E-mail Karolyn at or call 336-364-0056, or go to the “Contact Us” page on this website.*

Observe our Covid guidelines. 
Of our 20 members here, 16 are happily vaccinated. However for everyone’s protection, we still prefer masks and spatial distancing with visitors, and we continue to adhere to current CDC and NC guidelines for Covid-19.

Plan to ask us as many questions as you can think of about life in cohousing!

*And if you can’t make it on 4/24, contact us to arrange a Zoom or in-person visit at a convenient time.

We do look forward to seeing you on April 24 or at a time that's good for you!

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