Friday, March 3, 2023

Trout Lilies on the Trail


Don’t step on the trout lilies please

tiny bright yellow blossoms

along the trail

even right in the middle of the trail

which is why I must ask you

to watch where you put your feet

because you are stepping on them

smashing them flat

so am I.


First there was one flower

then four then dozens

when it’s chilly and rainy

they don’t open up at all

they’re hard to see like that

but their green speckled leaves 

are everywhere

I guess they like the trail

because there is more sun.


They are shy the trout lilies

won’t even turn their faces toward you

they mostly seem to look down

making photographs difficult

you almost must lie down on the trail

to fully enjoy their lovely little flowers

several weeks from now

they will be gone replaced

by the symphony of spring flowers

that will emerge in the woods


So please don’t step on the trout lilies.

By Cheryl Lawrence

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