Monday, March 18, 2024

Amazing Benefit Dinner for Farmer Foodshare

Chef Netta Edwards and Daughter Amaranth

Over the past few years, a group of people from both Elderberry and Potluck Community Farm (adjacent to Elderberry) have been meeting regularly to explore ways to actively live our values.  The group is called Living Rightly on Earth, and one area of focus over the past two years has been supporting our local farmers.  Members of the group have visited farms and listened to the needs of farmers, volunteered at the Spring Forest farm, jointly joined a CSA, written letters in support of farm-friendly legislation, and more.  As part of this effort, we decided to do a benefit fundraiser for Farmer Foodshare, a wonderful not-for-profit whose mission is Fresh, Local Food for All.  They assist small farmers by buying their farm-fresh products and selling for them to places like schools & universities, grocery stores & co-op markets, and restaurants.  Surplus produce is boxed and donated to people in need. 

Hosting this dinner was a true community effort!  Community members helped in so many ways.  Vonda and Don helped before the dinner by being chef assistants for the food prep.  Others helped with menu design, set-up of the space, clean-up during and after the event, music, greeting guests, serving food and drink, managing invitations and donations, and loaning chairs, silverware and glasses (we had 37 guests.... we don't have enough of anything to serve that many!).  It all came together beautifully, and everyone enjoyed the evening.

The food was all donated or discounted from 14 local farms, and from Farmer Foodshare.  Chef Netta put together an amazing 5-course meal.


Before the dessert course, Hillary Bruce from Farmer Foodshare gave a short presentation about all the great things the organization does, and Mary presented her with the donations we raised from the event.  After our expenses, we were able to donate almost $5,000.  It was a lovely night of great food, and great generosity on the part of all involved--- Netta & family, volunteer helpers, farmers and donors.

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