Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hi Folks!  We have a few new Elderberry members who have joined this month - Welcome to Amy, Rex, Meg, Kelly and Joyce!

I'm leaving in just a few minutes to meet the building inspector who is doing the inspection on the plumbing in the Common House slab.  Then we have to put in gravel, do termite protection, vapor barrier, rebar, electric and hot water pipes and THEN we can pour!  So it's looking like mid-late May to start construction of the actual Deltec structure.

We met a very cool film maker (he filmed Within Reach about a couple who toured the US on bikes visiting communities) and he is willing to come and film the building of the common house (which will be done in one week like a barn raising).  Should be fun!  Watch this site for start dates.

We have also contracted with an architect and builder to design and build the first set of units.  Things are very busy and we're having a blast getting this community off the ground.

Watch this space!!!

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