Sunday, May 27, 2012

We had an extraordinary week building the common house together!  We worked for nine straight days and only had rain at night.  The weather was lovely and we had many great helpers every day.  The main house is up and almost dried in. The next big job will be roofing shingles.  The laundry room is up and tied into the main house, but there is still a bit of plywood needed on the roof and we still need to buy and install all the doors!  I've sent photos to our great webmaster Judith, and hopefully we'll have something up soon for those of you out of town and unable to see the progress in person.  We will be having a workday at the site on the 4th Sunday of every month from now on to keep working on site beautification and to continue with the common house construction.  We're also expecting there to be an article in the Durham N&O in the next week (fingers crossed!) and this week we published a little ad in Mother Earth News and had our first booth at the Durham farmer's market.  The quest for new members has begun!

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