Friday, May 1, 2020

The woods in the springtime

One of the treasures at Elderberry and Potluck Farm (adjacent community) are the 100+ acres of beautiful woods, streams and trails between our two communities.  Here is a sampling of Spring in our woods.

Little Creek  - feeds the Flat River

The wild azalea


Mountain Laurel - the buds are as beautiful as the flowers

Oak steppers on one of our muddier trails

Lady slipper orchid - rare and beautiful

We have miles of hiking trails

We have several places where streams flow over rocks,
creating that beautiful sound of rushing water


Coral Honeysuckle

Lily-leaved twayblade... an orchid with a very weird name!

Wild ginger - we rarely see the flower

The lousewort - or a prettier name that Marj just told me - wood-betony.  Marj knows all the scientific names of the flowers also - she is the person to go hiking with in the spring!

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