Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Elderberry Carrot Pull

“Cooperative culture” is a big part of cohousing. Hmm, maybe not always.  

Anyone who has lived in the country knows there is a strong competitive streak, especially around county fair time. There are contests for everything from dairy cattle to apple pies. Lacking a tractor pull, Elderberry’s “cooperative” gardeners opted for a carrot pull competition last Saturday.

While Stewart (and his “microphone”) did a running commentary on the competitors’ warm-ups, Joyce flexed her muscles. “And here we have one of our first entrants getting herself ready to begin today’s contest by stretching her pulling arm. Will it be enough to insure victory?!”

And they’re off. Mary Kay in the black hat chooses the northwest lane while Joyce in the southeast quadrant seeks a winner. And the question is “Will the tallest stalk prove to be the longest carrot?”   

Heads down as they approach the final round, Vonda and Karolyn seek their personal best.

Each competitor had 3 heats to get the longest carrot. 
If you wonder why there’s a scribble on Stewart’s first measurement, it’s because he couldn’t believe how small his carrot was and referees were called in to measure again. Mary Kay got an extra point on her third carrot for its extra, purple appendage.

It wasn’t the longest carrot (though close), but Vonda was the only person to match her carrot to her hat.
And here are the potential winners, all from one packet of Carnival Blend!
Not suggesting that anyone was a poor loser, but only a vanishing point perspective could convince you that Joyce’s carrot was longer than Stewart’s.
Ta da! Here is the winning carrot, coming in at exactly 12 inches and it’s Stewart’s! (It had to be.) (By the way, if you want to win, put your money on the white carrots.) 
Here are the winners on the Olympic podium – Stewart winning the gold medal while the Scottish national anthem played in the background! Well, not really.  

(Also, a sincerely apologetic side note: Our carrot puller winners got so excited that we all forgot social distancing.  Later, we even thought about drawing little masks on this photo to set a good example for you!  We are sorry for our lapse of good sense. But by now you already know that our good sense had clearly lapsed!)
And where did those winning carrots go – on to their reward! For supper all of us had our delicious and beautiful carrots and green beans from the garden. Only Mary Kay stopped long enough to take a photo!

We weren’t the only ones enjoying the event! These goats happily enjoyed the spoils of war, uh, our contest! (They are our Hundred Acre Woods neighbors over at our sister community Potluck Community Farm.)

Will there be a Carrot Pull rematch for those who didn’t get to compete this time? 
We did leave a few specimens to grow into what could be the next Olympic event! In the meantime, we’re working on broadcast rights and sponsorships.

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