Friday, July 10, 2020

Our Yankee Doodle Dandee!

Nancy Bennett was born on the 4th of July - 86 years ago!!  We wanted to have an Independence Day birthday party, but had to figure out how to do that in a Covid world - quite a challenge.  We managed to have a wonderful time while also taking precautions. 

We couldn't let the birthday girl blow out the candles on her cake, so she had to make do with a sparkler!! 
Happy Birthday Nancy!
We love our old log cabin porch for gatherings in our central area. 
Couples sit close, but the rest of us honor the 6' rule.

Cathy, Joyce and Vonda visiting at a distance

Above, Linda, Nancy and Maggie visit on one side of the porch,

While below, Karen Richard and Marj are spaced out on the other side!

Some folks, like Anne and Jeff, set their chairs back away from the activity
where they could enjoy the festivities..... and the shade!

Still other neighbors came to the central area to say hello, but kept to their porches
for social time.  Mary Kay took the prize for the wildest headpiece
(truthfully, she was the only with WITH a headpiece!!)

Stewart and Karen toasting the 4th!
We had a S'mores table, with individually placed portions, and a plexiglass cover. 
Hand sanitizer for before and after.

There were some very great S'more ingredients.
Mary and Meg particularly liked the white chocolate and strawberry combo!
We had to roast our marshmallows individually (Meg's turn here)

Joyce and Karolyn are trying to decide what their S'more toppings will be

 Mary and Joyce sharing the fire at 6' - I wonder if smoke deters the virus?!

Anne's turn.  She's one of THOSE people who lights her marshmallow on fire,
waits for it to fully burn, and then blows it out.
Ayn didn't want to get close to people but Mary told her she would bring her a S'more
of her choice.  Ayn left a plate and a note by her door!

We found a couple of games that could be played with social distancing - one is corn hole!
Here Richard and Karolyn are close..... but they are married!

Joyce and Mary took on a game of Jenga.  They play cooperatively to see
how tall they can get the stack
But really..... Joyce lost (so much for cooperative culture!)

Last but definitely not least was cake.  Nancy's favorite (and most everyone else's too) is
Bobby Boyle's Mother's Carrot Cake, introduced to us years ago by Karolyn
and now made for MANY community events (thank you Karolyn!!!)
We masked up and served slices to all.

Socially distanced cake eating!
Around the community, there were plenty of 4th of July decorations..........

All in all, a great holiday and a safe and successful birthday celebration!!! 

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