Sunday, April 8, 2018

Annual Weenie Roast!

For the past few years, we have had a weenie roast, hosted by Dick and Nancy, at the Love Shack.  The Love Shack is a little old place where we can get together, love shake baby......
But seriously, OUR Love Shack is a little one-room shack in the beautiful woods that we share with Potluck Farm (the intentional community adjacent to us).  It was named this because one of the Potluck Farm children was conceived there.... more stories to tell but we won't go there.

ANYWAY, it's a fun place for a party.  We had planned to have the party 2 weeks ago, but it SNOWED!  Crazy weather this year.  Today it was quite cool, but turned out to be a lovely day to roast weenies (and other goodies - corn, sausages, S'mores) over a fire and play some corn hole.

Weenies and Corn over the fire

Cooking those weenies!

Jeff and Anne

Joyce in the corn hole tournament

Corn hole crazies

Dave taking a shot (actually Karolyn was the hot player today with SEVERAL shots in the hole)

More weenie roasting!

That's a big weenie Marj!

Table O Food

Lucy and Meg

Cynthia enjoying a weenie!

Hmmmm do I have enough photos of people roasting weenies??

Rosemarie, Leslie and Gus (LOVE Rosemarie's hat!)

OK - this is pretty CORNY!

Yummy food table

Lucy and Carl

This week both Anne (from EB) and Gus (a neighbor of EB) have birthdays.  So Vonda made them a cake.

Dave in the corn hole competition - such great form!

Karolyn - the one to beat today  

Karolyn managed to get marshmallow all over everything... but that's what eating S'mores is all about

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