Sunday, April 22, 2018

Finishing up the last path

Our last post showed the path-building process - at least as far as we got that day!  Today we pretty much finished the path, and also did some other sprucing up for the upcoming Co-housing Open House Day next weekend.  It was a perfect day for being outdoors!

Dave moving a load of screenings - it's rare that Dave get's his photo taken, but it was hard for him to escape this one!

Dick, Mike and Stewart hauled MANY loads of screening and Chapel Hill gravel

Dave, Linda, Joyce and Vonda spreading the two kinds of gravel

Rosemarie has been sick, but that didn't stop her from gardening today!  She just chose a job where she could stay away from everyone and not spread the germs!

Dick and Nancy - would you guess they are soon to turn 84 and 86???

Joyce, Dave and Karolyn putting up a banner for the upcoming Co-housing Open House

Linda, Vonda, Stewart and Joyce - getting close to the end of the path!

Richard and Karen were busy today with other tidying-up projects

Linda and Joyce getting close to the end of the path

Vonda and Mike tamping the final coats of gravel that Stewart is spreading

What a work crew!!

Having a much-deserved lunch break on Mike's porch (he just got new porch furniture - but not enough of it!)

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