Monday, April 2, 2018

Termites and Easter Eggs

OK, so I know that termites and Easter eggs don't really connect but neither seemed worthy of a blog on their own!!!

We don't want to use sprays for termites at Elderberry unless we have to, so we have been using the termite bait systems around our homes.  But as we added homes, and decided to monitor our old barns, it was getting pricey!  So in true Elderberry fashion, we decided to do it ourselves. 
Mike figured out that the best way to dig the holes for the bait traps was with an auger and electric drill.  Richard had one as well, so while Mary and Carl flagged all the places to put them, Mike and Richard drilled away.  We still have quite a few to place, but we're getting the hang of it!

Every year, Mary's family does Pysanky eggs for Easter, so she has invited others to join in the fun and learn how to do it.  Pysanky is a technique that is a lot like batik-- you dye, and then decorate with wax, and dye again, doing as many layers of color and wax that you wish.  When done, the egg looks awful, but it's really fun to strip the wax and see what emerges!  Mary's grandkids joined in the fun, but a single dye color was enough of a challenge for a 2 and 3 year old!

Miles checking out the yellow dye

Evey's lips are red from trying to eat her first attempt!
Karolyn and Mary applying wax designs

Karolyn using a syringe to blow air into the egg, which forces the white and the yolk out - clever!
A colorful assortment!

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