Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Circle Party!

OK, so have you noticed I'm doing all these May and June posts on the same day??  Well, my computer was so slow I couldn't load photos but I'm hoping that is fixed now!!

This past weekend we had a Circle Party.  It started at 3pm with a lawn party, which we try to have once or twice a year.  We play lawn games (croquet, corn hole, badminton, bocce, frisbee golf, table suffleboard, and whatever other games people bring).  This year we set things up in the usual place - west side of the common house in the big lawn.... but it was HOT!  So we migrated to the central circle on the east side in the shade of our 100-year-old oak tree. Perfect!  After the lawn games, we had a visioning session for how to make this central circle beautiful and inviting.  We had LOTS of creative ideas.  After the visioning session we had more circles..... in the form of a pizza party!
Mary and Mike playing corn hole

Vonda and Mike - great form!

Leslie and Nancy taking a rest in the shade

Karolyn and Joyce looking beautiful!

Joe and Gus (Elderberry neighbors) visit with Cheryl, Karolyn and Joyce

Jeff and Leslie try their hand at corn hole

The central circle (with frisbee golf hole at center!)

Dave (wearing someone's lovely hat) and Vonda (wearing her own lovely hat!)

Joan - and HER lovely hat!

Anne, Rosemarie and Joan at the pizza party

Pizza for all!!

Mary making notes of ideas for the central circle (and Miles helping)

All gathered around to think through ideas for the central circle

Joan, Karolyn and Joyce hanging in the shade

Rosemarie found some books in the library to read to Mary's grandkids - Evey and Miles

Kate, Vonda and Mary played croquet

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