Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Our newest homes... 2 for sale

It has been so lovely this spring at Elderberry, even in light of ongoing construction!  Rosemarie, Anne, Karolyn and others have worked hard to create a place of beauty for us.  Our final 4 homes will be finished in July.  Two of the homes are sold, and the last two are currently available.
The final 4 homes

The house on this end is a tiny house (350ft2!).  
The two homes available in this quad are 900ft2 and 1200ft.

We are planting elderberries where we can.  This one (right foreground) is in bloom.
Anna and Joan/Joyce's houses are in the background.

Karolyn loves lillies!  She has planted many varieties along one of our paths, and everyone at Elderberry has a lilly named for them along this path.

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