Sunday, June 11, 2017

June 10th Workday

It was a beautiful June weekend and we got a lot done around Elderberry!  It will be getting hot soon, so we made the most of the lovely weather today.  We had with us our newest Associate Member, Monica Ferrari, who wishes to buy the 900ft2 home that is currently under construction.  If she moves ahead with this, that will leave just one home for sale - a 1200ft2 house with a lot of storage and a beautiful upstairs room overlooking the pasture next door.

On the workday, we stained and put up a new swing that Dick made, mowed, weeded, and spent a good bit of time working on the landscaping near our parking area.  After our workday and business meeting, we shared a fantastic dinner made for us by Vonda and Meg, including a birthday cake for Cheryl's 60th birthday.  The cake is getting to be a legend around Elderberry.  It is Bobby Boyle's Mother's Carrot Cake, and comes from the mother of a childhood neighbor of Karolyn's.  That is one delicious carrot cake!!!

Leslie and Rosemaire - They were joking that I should not put up this photo because we look like
back stabbers!  

Rosemarie, Cheryl, Leslie, Dick and Mary worked on the swing
 Monica and Karolyn did a LOT of work in the landscaped terrace near our parking area.  Those working on the swing were in the shade, but these ladies, and also Barb and Richard, were doing landscaping and mowing in the sun.  Toasty!

Cheryl and Jeff pose for an American Gothic photo

Taking a break over lunch.  We were relaxing outdoors while Vonda, Meg, Joan and others were
indoors making our dinner!

Mike spent much of the day working on his house.  He is building a tiny house (350ft2).
The builder has done the structure, but Mike is doing a lot of his own finish work.
 Putting up the swing - didn't really take this many people, but it was great to have
a hand from Dave and Mike it putting up the beam.  We didn't get it finished today
because Dick needed another piece of hardware.  Watch this blog for a photo of
the finished swing!

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