Monday, January 1, 2018

Solstice Party!!

Every year we have a wild party to celebrate the longest night of the year.  The idea is to stay awake as long as possible, and to that end we have a night of cooking, and whatever other activities people dream up (dancing, games, lip sync, bonfire, poetry slam, music.... anything goes).  Vonda always plans the complicate menu (intentionally choosing recipes that are challenging to make) and buys all the ingredients. People sign up in teams to make the foods, staring with appetizers around 8pm and desserts in the early morning hours.  This year at 3am there were still 16 people with open eyes ready for a bite of sugar!

Our Common House kitchen easily accommodates many cooks!

 David, Diana and Leslie taking a breather from the kitchen!

Vonda and Mike

Jim and Dave manning the stoves

Teams studying their recipes - Vonda and Mike in the background and Glaeshia and Joe in the foreground

Gus and Karolyn

Maggie and Joyce trying to decide what to sign up for

Phil, Hart and Dave - what is Dave so passionate about??

Joyce, Marj and Cheryl yakkin it up

Joan, David, Karolyn and Barb - sweet photo!

Mike, Dino and Vonda - and a lot of others cooking!

Joan and Margery with an amazing dessert at 3am!

Milo, Hannah and Joe

The menu for the night!

OK so there was lots of dancing but every single photo was blurry.  So here's a blurry photo!

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