Thursday, January 18, 2018

Still Enjoying the Snow!!

Today we woke up to beautiful sunshine and 12" of snow.  So lovely!  A handful of us headed to our favorite sledding hill on Potluck Farm Road and packed down a good sled run.  The snow was still a bit soft and fluffy for really fast runs, but tomorrow morning when it's below freezing again the run should be icy and fast.  The snow and the fun should last a couple more days!

Tromping up the hill with the sleds

Cathy and Rosie

Karolyn loved it when Richard crashed after her flawless run - she said he has always been better than her at all things sports.  But she was queen of the hill!

Mary on a good ride

Karolyn on her way down

Michael, Karolyn and Jack.  The hill is steeper than it looks, especially when you are walking up it!

Jim giving Richard a starting push

 After several runs the track was getting well packed

Carl opted for cross-country skis rather than sleds!

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