Saturday, January 13, 2018

Winter Workday

After some VERY cold weather 2 weeks ago and some surprisingly warm weather last week, we got back to a more normal winter day here at Elderberry.  It was in the 40s today and pretty windy.  We climbed a mountain today..... a mountain of great topsoil that had gotten overgrown with brush.  A team of busy bees cut away all the brush and we used the tractor to top up the pile.  We also had a team of Berries working to clean the common house, and we fired up the outdoor pizza oven for some wood-fired pizza on our lunch break.  A chilly but productive day!

Karen with handfuls of brush!

 Karen and Karolyn making a path to the wood storage shed.  Dick visited the shed today for wood for the pizza oven - he got it to exactly the right temperature at noon!

Karolyn and Karen

Stuart in the mess of brush

Richard, Stuart and Mike move some big boulders to a different location by rolling them up onto the front end loader.

How many men does it take to roll a rock?

Mike, Stuart, Karen, Karolyn and Dick tackle the brush

Richard had a list of tractor chores and Mary womaned the tractor

Front end loaders are a god-send!

Mike, Stuart and Karen tackle Brushy Mountain (there is some really great topsoil under that mess; it was piled there when the land was graded for our homes)

Karolyn looking very Christmasy in her green hat and red scarf!

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